Patrik Elmnert (Sweden) and Wes Peden (USA) are two young men with short hair and kneepads. In 2008 they started creating juggling together and went on to perform shows in Spain, Ireland, Finland, Norway, USA, Germany, Poland, England, Italy, and for the royal family of Sweden. Their juggling is scandinavian in aesthetic and playful in nature. With the use of space, bodies, time, and objects these two jugglers build a unique and vibrant atmosphere.
The new flamboyant juggling show from Patrik and Wes has jumps and slides that you'll like and secret tricks that might turn you on. Throwing, lifting, and pushing each other combined with juggling objects flying around their bodies creates giant movements and bizarre twisted tricks. When confronted with the juxtaposition of a 14 club eruption and the single balance ring rolling lightly from forehead to forehead, the viewer can not help but think that perhaps giraffes are not as tall as they look.
Between Someonesons is available for booking from September 2012.